Testimonials from clients

    Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike helped me to discover the actual cause which was the source of my health problems. I was astonished to find that hypnosis could also solve many health problems. Again, after a few sessions, Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike helped me heal physically and spiritually. I had insulin resistance and slightly elevated blood sugar levels. Due to the therapy and hypnosis technique, after about a few months my blood tests showed normal levels. Through hypnosis I found many answers on a spiritual level. I had concentration problems during my studies and now through the right technique, my concentration levels have improved thanks to Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike.

     Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike is a wonderful person. He has a positive aura about him instills confidence and a deep sense of assurance that no matter what he will do his best work. His holistic healing techniques are simple yet wonderfully effective.  – HR 19 year old female

     Before coming here I was taking medication for 4-5 years, but it did not help me. But when I came to know about this therapy, I didn’t have hope. But when I underwent the treatment, I felt a lot of changes in myself, positive energy filled, creating awareness. Passing love and positive to the universe and when the universe is in return giving you love and positive energy you feel so good about yourself. Every human being in this universe should know and experience this kind of feeling. – NN 31 year old female

     The treatment I went through was very very very good. It helped me a lot. I feel much better after going through this treatment. The doctor is well experienced and has a great ability to cure anyone. It rocks! You rock doc!!! – SR 16 year old female

    After 6-7 years of downslide in career, marriage, confidence, health and wealth, just regained all the lost energy, confidence and success. Heading towards my destiny with positive energy and purpose after hypnotherapy. The changes are very quick and like a miracle happening. I can get anything I want from God and the Universe. – NK 34 year old male

     The session with Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike on hypnotherapy was very deep and intensive. He took me deeply into trance and cleared the negative entities which were causing me to smoke and now eventually I have quit smoking after 5 sessions work with him. – VM 25 year old male

          I was procrastinating much and always thinking about something which I was not able to identify. I knew about hypnotherapy in the past and so I chose this for my problem. I got many inner knowledge about my life path and my life purpose. I was able to come out of my problem of procrastination. This was all possible due to kind help by Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike and hypnotherapy. I thank Dr. Shrinidhi Manikarnike and wish him best of luck. – DS 27 year old male